The Mistress of Pleasure

The Mistress is sometimes seen as a floating, robed, giant-sized woman with a mantle of blades around her smirking face. She has never been heard to speak aloud, although she may communicate through her servants. She can cause her victims to sprout wounds with a glance, and her shadow can flay the flesh from their bones. Her twin sister is the Lady of Pain who rules over Sigil.

The Mistress’s obvious objective is maintaining the balance within Vagol, by throwing defilers and denizens who anger her into one of her magical mazes housed with minotaurs and other foul beasts. Often, she will only interfere when the very balance and stability of Vagol is threatened.

The Lady is an entity of inscrutable motives, and often those who cross her path, even if accidentally, are flayed to death or teleported to one of her Mazes (an almost inescapable pocket universe in the Ethereal Plane). Rumor has it that even greater deities have fallen before the Mistress, and her twin sister were able to kill the otherwise immortal Nameless One.

The Shattered Temple in Sigil was a major temple of Aoskar, the god of portals, who attempted to bring the city under his control. After his power had reached a certain point, they killed him with a thought, shattering the grand temple and throwing his priests into the Mazes of their making. At one point a number of factions attempted to control various parts of Sigil and Vagol and fought a terrible war with each other; in the aftermath, the sisters appeared to the leaders of the factions, and communicating through a servant, ordered the factions to disband under penalty of death. The factions complied without question, and have never risen again. The vast majority of Vagol’s denizens dread her apparitions, and avoid mentioning her name aloud for fear of drawing her attention.

The Mistress has the power to control each and every portal in Vagol, opening and barring them at will. Her servants, maintain the city, forever fixing and patching its streets. For all her power, she apparently refuses to be worshipped as a goddess, and anyone brave (or careless) enough to worship her has met a grisly demise in the shadow of her blades.

No one knows how the Sisters came to be or what their true purpose is. Some suggest that they are renegade demon lords or Lord of the Nine. Some insist they assures have has been rulers of Vagol & Sigil for as long as the cities have existed, though they might predate the city’s creation.

A theory that amongst the academics of Vagol is that the Mistress is a prisoner and that Vagol is her cage. This theory is plausible in that its coiner, Escherian MacGillicutty, who would refer to herself as “the solver of puzzles not needing solving”, had a level of understanding about the mechanics of the planes incomprehensible by men. Unfortunately (or consequently), she was also insane; whether her insanity set in before or after being “mazed” by the Mistress is unknown.

The Mistress of Pleasure

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