The Grid


Vagol is a torus. There is no sky only more city. Walk in a straight line and you can get anyone in the city. Because of its highly structured design some refer to it as, “The Grid.” Like its more well known sister city, Sigil, it can only be entered or exited through portals. Many families have lived generations never leaving and others come and go more often than the residents of The Colony change their small clothes.

Only the most esoteric planar scholars have even heard of Vagol and most outside the plane and the Elemental Chaos would tell you it is only a rumor. But of those scholars that have studied it, they would tell you it is elusive because it shares an orbit with Sigil on the opposite side of the mortal plane (Vagol residents would say Sigil shares and orbit with them). Due to its proximity to the Elemental Chaos weather patterns are often strange. Citizens often listen to broadcasts to know if the gravity will be lighter or stronger on any given day.

Vagol contains portals that can lead to anywhere in the Dungeons & Dragons cosmology: any bounded opening (a doorway, an arch, a barrel hoop, a picture frame) could possibly be a portal to another plane, or to another point in Vagol itself. Thus, the city is a paradox: it touches all planes at once, yet ultimately belongs to none. While theoretically, it is easy to transport to and from planes the entrance in and out of the plane is highly regulated and one cannot simply come and go as she wishes from these characteristics it draws its other name: “The City of Keys”

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The Grid

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