Players may choose a job for their character. This will should be included in your back story. If you like you can think of it as what they did at Level 0. If you opt to do so you will get a bonus to DM determined skills at level 1***

Possibilities include (but are not limited to):

Minstrels (oddities, entertainers, traveling troupe members, kept people, or spies who pose as any of these things)

  • Academics: Professors, researchers, career students
  • Traders: Goods or information. May work alone, with guilds, or for dragons.
  • Priests: Most residents view them as lunatics
  • Gladiators:
  • Nobles:
  • Breakers: Individuals who break arcane items of their tracking abilities.
  • Politicians:
  • Military:
  • Crime Syndicates:
  • Psychics:
  • Pirates:
  • Cultists:
  • Craftsmen:
  • Free Citizens:
  • Healers:
  • Guards:
  • Bureaucrats:
  • Tax Collectors:
  • Journalists:
  • Smugglers:
  • Bankers:


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