Dragons run the markets and economy of Vagol. They produce (or smuggle) the magic items and sell them to the citizens. They then take the acquired information and sell it to those interested parties. Any legitimate business you see is in someway connected to one of the four dragons of Vagol. They hate breakers and do their best to give them trouble. Whether it be through buying off politicians to pass legislation or sending their henchmen to take care of them.

Rule #2: Don’t step on a dragons tail.

Dragonborn generally are loyal to the dragons. However, a few have dropped out of the lizard race and joined with breakers and rebels to overthrow the dragons tight grip of power.

Four Major Dragons of Vagol:

Fortunato: A brown dragon who primarily deals in exotic culinary items. Also dabbles in books and artwork. Rumor has it he is peaceful (for a dragon) and is always willing to negotiate.

Jillian: Some say she’s a purple dragon others say she’s a black dragon. Most don’t want to find out. Those knowledgeable enough to know of Vagol know that if you want to find or sell information this is the creature to see.

Bushi: A warrior at heart Bushi will destroy to take what is rightfully his (in his opinion everything. Before being trapped in Vagol he gain a fondness common to cobalt dragons, a love for collecting the weapons and armor of those he killed. Now his minions travel the planes looking for rarities for his discriminating eye. Those that are not up to his specifications are sold to the general public.

Ravenwood: Bright as a penny. Sarcastic, witty, and copper. Ravenwood is hell on wheels. A dealer of art (specifically metalwork). Rumor has her personality and trade has won her a special place with the elites of Vagol who live in the Mistress’s Ward.


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