Vagol is divided into six districts, called wards:

The Colony: The slum and the ghetto, home to the poor, the rogues, and the unwanted dregs of the city.

The Shallows: An industrial district, clogged up with the smoke from the foundries and from the portals to the Lower Planes.

The Supers: An affluent district, home to most of the city’s lower-rung bureaucrats and middlemen.

The Hawkers: Home to the traders, craftsmen, artisans, guild members and other members of the middle class.

The Academy: Home to scholars and centers of education. Most notably Le Grimoire, the most prestigious school of arcane studies in all the planes. If you haven’t heard of it you’re probably not worthy of matriculation.

The Mistress’s Ward: The richest and most exclusive section of the city, is home to the elites of society and of its government, though not the Mistress herself.


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