Deva Invoker


Character Name – Alain
Concept – Wandering sage returned to Vagol by the gods for an as-yet unknown purpose
Race – Deva
Class – Invoker
Background – Itinerant philosopher
Theme – Keeper of the Light


8(-1) 11(0) 10(0) 16(+3) 20(+5) 10(0)


AC Fortitude Reflex Will
16 11 14 16


Max HP Bloodied Surge Value Surge/Day Speed Initiative
21 10 5 6 6 +0

Trained Skills

Arcana Diplomacy History Insight Religion
(+8) (+5) (+10) (+10) (+10)

Feats and Features:

Racial Features
  • Ability Scores +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom
  • Skill Bonuses +2 History, +2 Religion
  • Astral Majesty +1 bonus to all defenses against attacks made by bloodied creatures.
  • Astral Resistance resistance to necrotic and radiant damage equal to 5+1/2 level (5)
  • Immortal Origin spirit is native to Astral Sea
  • Memory of a Thousands Lifetimes Racial power: (encounter/free) add 1d6 to attack roll, a saving throw, a skill check, or an ability check.
Class Features
  • Role Controller Power Source Divine
  • Defense Bonus +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +1 Will
  • Armor Proficiencies cloth, leather, hide, chainmail
  • Weapon Proficiencies Simple melee, simple ranged
  • Implements Rods, Staves
  • Channel Divinity Class Power: 1/encounter cast Perserver’s Rebuke OR Rebuke Undead
  • Divine Covenant Covenant of Preservation When you use a divine encounter or daily attack power on your turn, you can slide an ally within 10 squares of you 1 square.
  • Ritual Casting bonus feat Ritual Caster 1/Day cast Hand of Fate with no material component cost.
  • Melee Training – Choose an ability other than Strength (Wisdom). When you make a melee basic attack using a weapon you are proficient with, you can use that ability instead of Strength for the attack roll and the damage roll (+5).


Power Name Action Range Target To-Hit vs. Defense *Damage (type) Effect
Grasping Shards Standard(at-will) Burst 1 (10) all creatures +5 Fortitude 5 Radiant damage and slowed (turn)
Sun Strike Standard(at-will) 10 one creature +5 Reflex 1d8+5 Radiant and slide 1
Blades of Astral Fire Standard(encounter) Burst 1 (10) all enemies +5 Reflex 1d6+5 Radiant damage Allies in burst gain +4 power bonus to AC (Turn)
Summon Angel of Fire Minor(daily) 5 - - - - You summon a medium fire angel
Fire Angel Standard(at-will) close burst 1 All creatures +5 Reflex 1d8+5 Fire
Fire Angel Opportunity Attack melee 1 one creature +5 Reflex 1d8+5 Fire
Channel Divinity
Rebuke Undead Standard(encounter) close blast 5 all undead +5 Will 1d10+5 Radiant, and push 2, and Dazed (turn) Miss: 1/2 damage)
Preserver’s Rebuke Immediate Reaction(encounter) Personal enemy (10) hits ally On next turn gain +3 to attack that enemy
Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes Free(encounter) Personal make a D20 roll add 1d6 to D20 roll


  • Ritual Book
  • Ever-burning Torch
  • Fine Clothing
  • Water skin
  • Pouch, belt
  • Staff
  • Hide Armor
  • Holy Water (x2)

Alain’s earliest memories are of the Dawn War, when he was forged by the Gods to fight against the minions of the Primordials. Since then hen has been born and re-born a thousand times. The memories of these previous lives are elusive, often just out of reach of his conscious mind. They are never far, however, and with concentration flashes of his prior experience fill his mind at crucial moments. As a result of his vedic existence, Alain carries himself with a kind of resigned disconnection from the world, he has seen it all before and will see it all come to pass again. “Time is a wheel, always in spin”, he is fond of saying, and, “There is nothing new under the stars”. He is in search of the reason he was sent back this time, and to Vagol no less. He is looking to bring meaning to this unique incarnation, and to fill his mind with the richness of experience that is unparalleled as in a mortal frame.


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