The case of the missing backup singer...

For 5 citizens of Vagol that night was like any other. A hard day followed by peaceful slumber. As they drift into deep sleep the strangers find themselves outside of Portal 51, the most exclusive club in Vagol. A long line has formed where individuals must meet the standards of two short orcs to get inside. The group notices a pink blur flash across the sky. Alain, naive to societal customs cuts to the front of the line and walks in. One orc stops him and asks him who he thinks he is. Alain casually explain that he is simply following the pink blur and the orc grudgingly lets him inside. Other members begin getting entrance into the club through similar flimsy excuses, but almost all mention the pink blur.

A singer has just taken the stage as they enter the club. She is a blue gemstone come to life. Her singing is mesmerizing and after a moment they realize she is not singing out loud, but inside their heads. While most of the group approach the stage and mil about in the pit, Harbek Ironbone (dwarven/fighter) makes his way into the common bar. Here he notices a female mul bartender who looks like the one he just saw in the pit. He also see a variety of strange people drinking, playing games, and itching for a fight. In the main area, Alain flirts with the singer, but he realizes this is just part of the act and she is not really interested in him. Fosse scans the room for spies, seeing eyes, or other security besides the Thri-Keen blocking the door next to the stage. She fails to notice 1 eye on each of the four ornate decorative pillars that are monitoring the room. The pink blur darts across the room this time going behind a velvet rope guarded by an incredibly tall and thin, blue genasi. While most of the party make their way to the fellow and begin using their silver tongues that got them into the club, Mord (orc/barbarian) recognizes an acquaintance from his old job. They talk briefly and his friend encourages him to go to the bar and have a couple of rounds of Moonsprite if he wants to get what this singer is all about. Mord makes his way to the bar. The female mul introduces herself and teases Mord that he’s not man enough to handle Moonsprite. Two rounds later the mul has a newfound respect for the young orc.

No one knows that this is still a dream…

Once everyone has made their way into the vip area, the pink blur slows down and officially introduces herself as Maddie. A pink gnome with spiky-white-hair and sass. She tells them that she needs them to do a job for her and the group agrees.


Maddie explains that a backup singer for Saphire has been kidnapped and it is crucial that, Agatha, be rescued. Several suspect a jealous barback that no one liked. Sylvia worked at the club for about a week before being fired. But employees claim to have seen her in the store room since then.

Maddie leads the group past the Thri-Kreen and down a series of stairs. The bottom revealsa decadent room and filled with bizarre creatures and a giant fountain that ties the room together. A naked halfling runs out of a room and is chased by a man asking her to come back. Alain calls out, “Agatha?” The halfling does not respond and runs to a group at a table in the corner. Mord approaches an orc sprawled out on a giant couch. The orc makes a series of yo’ mama jokes before passing out and rolling off the couch. This is before he makes his way to the bar with the mul and insults her by calling her sister’s name. She informs him that just because they are quadruplets does not mean they are anything alike. By now, Maddie has unlocked the secret passageway and the group follows her through the storerooms below the bar.

Maddie digs until a secret set of stairs to an even lower level of the club appears. The gnome wishes them luck and disappears. Suko hightened fox senses smell death, mold, and fire as they enter a room with six lit torches. The room tapers into a narrow passageway with mold growing on the walls. Alain pokes the mold with a stick and it deathspores assault his body. He recovers after a second and the group carefully travels down the hall. They hear hissing and see small sparks in the distance. Alain yells, “Agatha, is that you?” 2 fire beetles charge the group and a battle commences in which our heroes destroy the creatures. The battle ends with Mord the orc coming down with his fullblade so hard that the fire beetle flips 8 feet in the air (narrowly missing the ceiling) and lands on the ground upside down with molten lava oozing onto the floor. Afterwards, they hear the same hissing coming from behind a poorly disguised wall. They approach the noise quietly. Except for Alain who asks, “Agatha, is that you.” The only answer is hisses and sparks. Harbek goes right in and begins to attack the creature. As he steps onto her nest he crushes an egg. The mother stands her ground and defends her unborn babies with no success. The group realizes these creatures can be trained and will hatch shortly. With any luck, the heroes will make it out not only alive, but with impressionable fire beetles.


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