Fosse meets the pink blur...

…I followed the strange pink thing that woke me from my bed. I saw the strange golden-eyed man following it as well. I have never seen one of his kind before and I wondered why him and I were clearly the only people who saw it among the huge crowd outside the club. I watched as he struggled with that Orc to gain entrance in the club but as soon as he mentioned “Pink Blur” the dumb Orc let him in like it was nothing. After doing the same I gained entrance myself and followed the man.

The first thing I noticed was that Gods awful noise and the pathetic “artsy” types who were moving their heads like they actually liked it… idiots. The second thing I noticed where the strange pillars in the room. I tried to take a better look but my head was clouded somehow and it couldn’t get a good look. Then I looked for the sketchy types, you know what I mean. Besides the stupid looking Thrikreen in the corner I couldn’t tell much. Then the pink thing darts by me again and heads to the VIP section. I notice the tall Genasi guarding the entrance and use my usual tactics to slide on past.

Once inside I notice the golden-eyed man and a few other strangelings that saw the pink blur as well. Then she appears… She calls herself “Maddie” a tiny thing with a bad case of bed head. She says she has a job for us, someone is missing. Anything to mix it up a bit, I could use the cash anyway…

From there the real action happens. Who knew there was a huge underground part of the club. We began the search for Agatha as Mord insists on making fun of everyone’s mothers (he could have made fun of mine all her wanted, I hate that bitch…). Down the moldy stairway we heard the beetles. I am not sure how we got out of that mess but I am glad we have some hard-asses in this group. What happens next? Who knows… but I better get my money!



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