Fosse background

Born in Vagol and living in The Hawkers.

Fosse was born and raised in Vagol. Her mother (Illyria) left her with her father (Red) at the age of two and has never been heard from again. Her father refuses to speak of her mother but when he does he scorns her very name. Her father and mother left the elemental chaos for Vagol a year before her birth. Details on why they left their home is unclear but from what she has discovered it has something to do with the two families disapproval of their union. Her mother was betrothed to a man who would bring power to her family but when she met Red, a sweet talking swindler she fled.

Fosse believes that her mother is most likely back in the elemental chaos where she left everything behind to repair her relationship with her family and never think Red and her child again. She swears to one day find her mother and ruin her for the hurt she caused.

Her father raised her in The Hawkers, teaching her the ways of being a con artist. From the age that she could walk he would lure innocent people into his tent with promises of fixing their problems. He promised to make sterile couples fertile with the reading of runes and elaborate rituals in exchange of every last penny they had. She learned quickly how a little song and dance could persuade helpless people to believe that they could have what their heart most desired. She also learned how to put on a show in order to pick pocket unsuspecting tourists.

Though Red taught Fosse to survive, he never offered a loving relationship to her. In fact, she was only told to call him by his first name and he made her work everyday to pull her own weight. When he died five years ago she resumed life without him using his tactics and tools to continue in his footsteps.

She spends her time conning and taking on adventuring jobs to fill her time and pay her bills. She is completely unable to have successful relationships of any kind because she is an emotionless selfish liar and thief unless it is beneficial to her in making money.

6ft 160lbs
Red skin, dark eyes with curled ram horns and a thick tail



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